The Sewers

This is a short vertical slice based off my game Bones, in which this is the sewers environment from early in episode 1. As I am not a programmer, there is still some functionality I was unable to demonstrate, such as climbing up the ladder, smashing the crate and collecting a health charge (within this particular snippet), however hopefully this helps to provide some insight into the concept.

The overall interactivity throughout the sewers would include rats running around, flickering of lights, and extra character mechanics.
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Sound FX: Compiled using a range of SFX from Soundsnap License, by Amber Stacey
Music: Amber Stacey 
Game Design Concept: Amber Stacey
© All rights reserved. 2021
The Graveyard
Exploring the Graveyard in Unreal Engine 4
For more information around the concept of 'Bones'
please click to view 'The Making Of' video.

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