– 2.5D Adventure Platformer –
(Early Development Stages)
The story of Bones examines the ideas of loss, self-discovery, feeling like an outsider, friendship and family, which are explored through his adventure and desperation to find his coffin, through a game that is a little bit quirky, relatable and providing a non-threatening and safe environment, packed with adventure and a wholesome story.
A 'demo scene' was designed, in order to inform the art style and direction of game.

The buildings were inspired from 90's + Post-Modern architecture research.
All modelled in Autodesk Maya and textured in Substance Painter.

Materials of buildings are formed through a mixture of textures from objects such as bones, tooth tartar, horn and old iron, in order for the world to form it's own unique aesthetic. 
The demo scene was constructed using Unreal Engine 4 and a series of lighting tests were undertaken to explore the world through different circumstances.

Backdrops are digitally painted. 
–  R E N D E R    O N E  -
–  R E N D E R    T W O  -
–  R E N D E R    T H R E E  -
–  R E N D E R   H I G H L I G H T S  -

Conceptualisation of sound in order to get a sense of what the music might potentially feel like in expressing the character and narrative. 

Composed on Piano in stages and converted to different instruments digitally. 

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