Global Game Jam - 2022
'The Other Forest'
Made by team Ferrous Wheel

The concept
A sibling lost in the land of the fae, the other trapped in reality. Find places where the veil is thinnest and help your sibling get home by influencing the world around you. Played as one game with two halves created in both Unity and Unreal Engine, The Other Forest will require you to do tasks in one game, where it affects the save data in the other.
Edward Whitehead
Dylan Polglaze
Jaris Rener
Amber Stacey
Hayley Wilson
Starling Tan
Sound Effects:
Aidan Dissonance
Renders from Unity and Unreal Engine
Low Poly 3D assets for the Unity World, modelled by Amber
Animatic Sketches for Opening Sequence by Amber

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